Watch the Htbh 2015 Winners Video


It was another strong year for Reading & Leeds Festivals. Metallica, Kendrick Lamar and The Libertines may have grabbed the headlines, but it goes without saying, the beauty of these festivals is spending the time to check out some emerging talents.

This year’s Here To Be Heard winners are such talents, both finely guiding their respective crowds through their sets with energy and panache. But what did they make of their performances? Let’s ask them:


Relentless: So you played Reading – what was it like for you?

Thomas:  We were worried all week about possibly being hit by a bottle of wee, but instead people were very welcoming and it was a really enjoyable set for us. we walked off stage bone dry and it feels just great.

Frederik: It was lovely to be able to play out our set to a brand new audience at Reading. We were lucky because the only act we clashed with was breakfast – excellent scheduling.

Relentless: How were you feeling the night before your Reading performance? How did you prepare?

Kieron: I prepared by having a long swim followed by a sauna and then had another quick dip to cool off.

Thomas: A Hunck is always prepared.

Relentless: What other bands did you get to see over the Reading Festival weekend? 

Kieron: Everything Everything! A band called Radkey in the Festival Republic tent; looking forward to seeing them again on Tuesday at the Old Blue Last in London.

Thomas: Yeah Radkey were brilliant. I wanted to see Baby Metal and Twin Peaks but I couldn’t get to them in time after our set which is a shame…

Relentless: What’s next for Hunck?

Thomas: We’re playing a few shows with our pals Many Things and The Polyphonic Spree this week and then releasing our new single ‘I’ll Wait’ on 25th September!


Relentless: So talk us through your set, how was it?

Mowbz: Yeah it was good! I think I played about 100 tracks in total during the set which was quite mad. The crowd were great too, lively lot weren’t they?

Relentless: How did you prepare for your performance? Did you have any rituals or anything?

Mowbz: I spent a lot of time on my set before I came, and once I left, that was it. Just had to go out there and do what I planned.

Relentless: Did you get a chance to see any other acts at Leeds?

Mowbz: Didn’t get a chance to seen that many to be honest. I saw DJ EZ last night on the Relentless Stage and that was at capacity! But yeah, he was really good!

Relentless: Now you’ve played Leeds, are there any festivals you would like to play on your bucket list?

Mowbz: Global Gathering is a good one but they stopped this year, so I’m not sure if they’ll be doing it anymore. Creamfields is good but it’s a lot of house music and I like a variety of different genres and stuff.

Relentless: What’s next for you?

Mowbz: I want to work on my production and try and get some of the stuff I’ve created out there and get people to listen to stuff I’ve actually made as well as DJing