Mowbz Wins Here to Be Heard 2015!

Along with hundreds of other DJ hopefuls, Mowbz submitted a ten-minute mix in the hope of being selected to play a coveted slot on the Relentless stage in front of 15,000 people at this year’s Leeds Festival.

Modestep – this year’s Here To Be Heard judges – saw Mowbz’ potential and shortlisted him along with four other DJs to face a public vote. Well he only went on to win that public vote and now prepares to playing a stage which last year’s winner Luke Hassan called, “the best two hours of my life”.

But how’s Mowbz feeling about the experience ahead of him…

Relentless: You’re the Here To Be Heard 2015 winners – how does it feel?!

Mowbz: Insane! I was overwhelmed by the amount of support I received during the voting stage and all the kind words I’ve received from everybody. I’ve been saying it all week, this is literally the stuff dreams are made of! I finally get the chance to get a crowd of thousands moving! I still can’t wrap my head around the number of people that’s going to be in front of me when I look up!

Relentless: How was your studio experience with Modestep? What did you learn?

Mowbz: Modestep are top guys and easy to speak to… They was very positive about my mix and gave me a big confidence boost! Since I produce music too we mainly discussed the production side of things and I got a couple of tips for when I’m mixing down my music (mainly the dreaded snares)! They also said to make sure to keep an eye on Keys when mixing.

Relentless: How will you be preparing for your performance on the Relentless stage in front of 15,000 people?

Mowbz: I need to go through my song collection and try to remember all of the songs that I always dreamed of playing at a festival! As well as trying to find some brand new music for people to hear for the first time! I’ll definitely be practicing all week non stop too!