Hunck Have Won Here to Be Heard 2015!


They’ve only gone and done it! Hunck have just been announced as this year’s HTBH band winners after beating off hundreds of other acts and impressing judges, Everything Everything.

While they prepare for what is sure to be the biggest gig of their career so far, Reading Festival, we had a quick catch-up with the boys

Relentless: You’re the Here To Be Heard 2015 winners – how does it feel?!

Thomas: We’re here and we’ve been heard and it feels just great – thank you Everything Everything, Relentless and everyone who voted to put 5 Huncks on the stage at Reading Festival.

Relentless: How was your studio experience with Everything Everything? What did you learn?

Thomas: They’re all very tall. Mostly they just said they liked our stuff, which was very sweet of them.

Relentless: How will you be preparing for your performance at Reading?

Thomas: We’ve been recording and writing and we’re all hitting the gym for 4-6 hours a day. I’m really trying to focus on the often overlooked calf muscles, while Frederik is strictly about the glamour muscles: bis, tris and big shoulders. We’re hoping to play a few extra warm up shows – we’re really keen to air out a few new Hunck songs live.